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International Collection Sølvberget Library and Culture House

Collections & Catalogues

Sølvberget has a large multilingual collection of books, journals, magazines, music, and films available.

International Book Collection

With books in almost 50 different languages, Sølvberget holds one of Norway's largest collections of foreign-language literature for adults, children and teenagers. Sølvberget Library includes a collection of 50.000 international books in addition to a collection of 30.000 books in English.

Sølvberget aims to create an international collection representative to its diverse users. For this, Sølvberget depends on you and thankfully welcomes suggestions for books, magazines and newspapers, as well as audiobooks and movies in different languages to include in the collection.

Music Collection

Sølvberget has a large collection of music from a broad spectre of countries, cultures and genres. The Music collection, found on the 2. floor of Sølvberget, presents a collection of 50 000CD/LP’s, 20 000 notes and books, 5000 DVD’s, 35 music magazines and journals as well as several hundred fanzines.

Sølvberget’s Music collection is considered to have one of the country’s most modern music collections. With 300 000 visitors each year and with a close collaboration with the local music scene, the music & film library has become a common ground for music enthusiasts in the city.

Films - Dvd, Streaming, Cinemateque

Sølvberget has a large collection of dvd's to borrow. You can also easily access and borrow films through Filmoteket with your national library card. Create a user profile on Filmotekets webpage. Register your email address, your national library card number and pin code. The films are available for 48 hours after obtaining them. You can borrow up to 4 films per month.

Sølvberget Cinematek offers a range of new and old international films, with regular screenings every Tuesday (at 12:00) and Thursday (at 18:00), as well as occasional Saturdays and Sundays, and special screenings during the Kapittel Festival. All screenings take place at Odeon Kino – Stavanger. For complete and updated programme, visit Sølvberget Cinematek.

Art and Design

Sølvberget has its own gallery for contemporary art and an extensive art book collection on the second floor. This collection contains everything from art biographies, art theory, to art history and art catalogues, many of them in English. 

Journals, Magazines & Newspapers

The library subscribes to international journals, magazines and newspapers from across the world. Pressreader provides access to more than 7000 newspapers and journals from approximately 100 countries in more than 60 languages. You can read as many newspapers as you want - from home or at the library.

Magazines can be borrowed for a week at a time, restriction is due to their popularity, or be read in the library. Magazines can however not be reserved. This is to ensure they remain on the shelves and do not end up in the reservation collection.

  • Access at the library: Go to pressreader.com, press the "coffee cup" symbol to see the list of newspapers.
  • Remote access: Sign in through solvberget.no on "Min side" and select “Library. Press display”
  • Pressreader app: Available through your usual app providers. You must access through the library’s public Wi-Fi, SK-Public, the first time you use it.
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